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Learning Tips

Learning Tips

By Donna Dunning

As summer ends, many people start to think about learning and personal development. Here are three tips to help you focus your learning this fall.

Determine what you really want to know

There are many reasons to learn something new. You may want to increase your work options, challenge yourself to overcome a blind spot, feed a passion, or develop a useful skill.

By defining and focusing what you want to know you can ensure your learning activities are targeted to your needs.

For example, if you are thinking of taking a course as a way to make yourself more marketable, check with employers to determine if the course you are thinking of is what they are looking for.

Pick a learning activity that suits your learning style

You can learn in many ways, such as on-line programs, in a classroom, on the job, or on your own. How do you learn best?

Everyone has a preferred way of learning. If you choose learning activities that meet your needs you will likely learn more quickly and efficiently.

If you would like more information on personality type and learning, check out my booklet, Introduction to Type and Learning.

Develop learning skills and strategies

Sometimes you may have to learn information or skills you are not interested in or you may need to learn in ways you don’t prefer.

In these cases, consciously use learning strategies to make your learning experience more effective.


You can also purchase Introduction to Type and Learning from CPP Inc. in PDF format.

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