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Learning from Feedback-2

Learning from Feedback-2

By Donna Dunning

Feeling Personality Type Preferences

Going back to school as an adult learner can be difficult. When working at a learning assistance center in a community college I encountered several students who were discouraged and frustrated.

Last week in my post I mentioned that in order to learn from our actions it is helpful to have corrective as well as affirming feedback. Your instructor’s personality type preferences can influence the kind and amount of feedback they offer to you. Your personality type preferences influence what feedback you want and how you like to receive it. If these styles don’t align, the learning process is affected.


Some students who came to me for assistance told me stories about how certain instructors only pointed out what they were doing wrong and never provided a word of encouragement. I remember more than one student showing me essays that were thoroughly covered with corrections written in bright red ink. They found this feedback intimidating and difficult to handle.


Many of these students had preferences for Feeling. Together we discussed the importance of corrective feedback. I guided them to see how the feedback would help them learn and improve. I also pointed out how courageous they were by coming back to school and engaging in learning later in life.

Teaching Style

I wish that the instructors of these students could have understood the importance of providing support to learners. My guess is that these instructors had a preference for Thinking and were simply teaching in the way they would like to learn themselves.

Correction and Reassurance

If you have a preference for Feeling, find someone who will support and encourage you as you learn. If you have a preference for Thinking, provide some positive as well as corrective feedback to those who are learning from you. I believe we can all use correction and reassurance as we continue to learn and grow throughout our lives.


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