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Leadership Illustrations

Leadership Illustrations

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningIn my MBTI® Certification workshops I sometimes ask groups to describe leadership. In one exercise they flipchart their contributions, what they might overdo/overlook, what they need to be their best, and what others do that annoys them. Groups also come up with a leadership motto. These visual representations of type preferences help illustrate individual differences.

Here is a photo of a response from an NF group.

These posters often do a good job of emphasizing how our greatest strengths can become weaknesses when overused. NFs often show great compassion and innovation, yet they can become mired down by their wealth of ideas and by making sure everyone is involved and included in all aspects of decisions.

In these cases, it is important to use the less favored processes of Sensing and Thinking to ground and expedite their strengths. One strategy I use, as an ENFP, is to set specific timelines and deadlines.

Do any NF readers have tips or ideas to help other NF leaders avoid or overcome these challenges? Do you have NF preferences or have you worked for an NF leader? Are your leadership experiences similar to the ones presented here?


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