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INTPs can be their own worst critic

INTPs can be their own worst critic

By Donna Dunning

Here is a story from my website by a reader with INTP preferences. People with these preferences have Introverted Thinking (Ti) as a dominant function. Notice the depth and breadth of self-analysis in this story.

Personality Type: INTP

“My biggest strategy for coping as an INTP is to be easy on myself. When I am not performing well, or I make a mistake, I can be the most intolerant and unforgiving person with myself. I am unrelenting when it comes to reaching my own standard, even though I raise the bar every morning when I wake up. I have to remind myself that I am just as worthy of patience as the people around me who amazingly have access to endless patience from me. I do work best alone.

Though I am a hard worker, the peculiar misunderstandings that arise between me and co-workers has me knowing for a fact I’ll have to be freelance, whatever it is that I do. The harder I work to identify the realistic boundaries and expectations, the more I am able to maneuver within them. Knowledge keeps pushing those boundaries out further in the pursuit of knowledge. I have a strange presence about me, though I’m a normal person. I radiate an intensity that draws in some people, but pushes others away. It’s been an interesting life. I’ve learned A LOT, and I have to take it easy. I have to take it easy on myself – It’s my biggest set back.”

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One Response to “INTPs can be their own worst critic”

  1. JeniRae says:

    I have had similar experiences with Ne, Ti preferences.
    The statement regarding the “intensity” particularly rang true. Some people are very put off my my relentless desire to raise the bar for myself. However, I am NOT always the most patient with others, although I do provide them much more leeway than I give myself. I understand that I NEED the collaboration of my co-workers (I do NOT work best alone) but I also demand COMPETENCE in my co-workers. I since I need their input, I need to know that it is accurate. And how can I demand competence of others if I do not relentlessly pursue it in myself?
    LIFE IS HARD. Hahaha.

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