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INFJ: To communicate with me

INFJ: To communicate with me

By Donna Dunning

Donna Dunning

In my personality type based communication workshops I sometimes have participants complete this thought –“To communicate most effectively with me please…” This exercise helps participants express their personal communication style and preferences.

I can’t take credit for this exercise. It is modified from one created by Jean Kummerow.

Here is a photo of a response from an individual with INFJ preferences.

I have been thinking about the many purposes of communication. I wonder how many times people have cross purposes in their communication and how this creates misunderstanding.

For this individual with INFJ preferences, the theme of understanding people and their perspectives seems to be a key purpose underlying communication.

But someone else may have a different purpose for communicating. For example, it seems unlikely that a conversation will work out well when one person is trying to convince someone to support his or her point-of-view while the other is trying to find common ground.

Maybe instead of focusing on what we are talking about, we should look at why we are talking about something.

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