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Illustrations of Type – INTP

Illustrations of Type – INTP

By Donna Dunning

In my MBTI® Certification workshops participants respond to the instruction -“Describe your type using words, phrases, or pictures.” I find these visual representations of type preferences help illustrate individual differences.

Here is a photo of a response from a mixed ISTP and INTP group. Note the focus on competence and reflection.

In a previous post I mentioned that I couldn’t recall having an ISTP in any of my groups. Obviously I was wrong, having just dug this poster out from a few years ago. I think it is safe to say that ISTPs are not often found in the typical certification workshop.

I wonder if the ISTP in this group influenced the sequential “list” approach to the exercise. Often INTP groups take a more abstract approach such as this other INTP group did in the Illustrations of Type series.

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2 Responses to “Illustrations of Type – INTP”

  1. Back in October 2010 President Obama had issued the Presidential Executive Order to EMPLOY Veterans in federal government job openings, so I took the search engines to to see what the on-line Career Interest Inventory Test said I would be better at career employment.
    However the people in charge of the Office of Personnel Management, pretty much decided to stick with the traditional employment applications procedures: but I had already taken the personality test to re-assure that this time, I would try and pursue what ” an establishment” thought better, than my own interest and thoughts were.
    That’s when I learned, or was told by three different tests that I was and am, an INTP- which stunned me and still makes it difficult for me to discuss, this with others. I am an honorably discharged US Navy veteran who was trained and completed certification as, an Operations Specialist “O.I. Divison” ( Operations Intelligence ), and I am still interested in learning how do I get employment with a live-able wage and meaningful salary. I very appreciate your column / and hope that you will have the opportunity to communicate back with me. in any event just thank you very much-

    Marvin S. Robinson,II
    Quindaro Ruins / Underground railroad- Exercise -2013

  2. Donna Dunning says:

    Hi Marvin, Thanks for your comment. Since my site is designed for educational purposes, I can’t ethically or practically advise you on career matters through the Internet. Here is some general information that might be helpful. Personality type is about how you prefer to approach situations. Your preferences help you consider what work might suit you, but don’t limit you. Sounds like you are not happy with or sure that INTP describes your preferences, so this type may not be accurate for you. Your personality type can not be prescribed to you – you need to think about the concepts and decide what fits. Taking the time to think about preferences, values, skills, and talents helps target possible work options. Good luck with your career search.

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