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ESTJ: To communicate with me

ESTJ: To communicate with me

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningIn my personality type based communication workshops I sometimes have participants complete this thought –“To communicate most effectively with me please…” This exercise helps participants express their personal communication style and preferences.

I can’t take credit for this exercise. It is modified from one created by Jean Kummerow.

Here is a photo of a response from an individual with ESTJ preferences.

Notice the first two points: provide details and facts and let me ask questions. These are key tips for communicating with ESTJs, as they want to hear concrete evidence rather than abstract ideas.

People who prefer ESTJ usually want to take action and get something accomplished. Ambiguous or undirected conversations don’t help them achieve this goal.

People who prefer NP need to be aware of this difference.

The second point, asking questions, often links with the ESTJs preference to analyze a situation logically. Often their questions will be about why something needs to be done or about the logistics of doing something.

People who prefer NF may find these questions from ESTJs threatening, but keep in mind that when people who prefer Thinking are asking questions, they are engaged. Be willing to defend your perspective and make sure you have the facts.

You can find more information on type interactions in my Introduction to Type and Communication booklet.

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