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ENFPs and Decision Making

ENFPs and Decision Making

By Donna Dunning

Donna Dunning

We all have different ways of solving problems and making decisions. People with ENFP preferences have their own distinct, strengths and challenges.



• Can see many possibilities and options

• Think “out of the box” and may come up with new solutions or actions that others might not have considered

• Use flexible thinking that allows them to see and imagine other’s perspectives and points of view

• Are aware of and sensitive to how others may be affected

• Are comfortable making compromises to create a win/win outcome



• May hesitate to decide, as they dislike eliminating options and losing flexibility

• When deciding, may not pay enough attention to the specific facts and details

• Prefer to move forward and explore new ideas rather than follow through with what has been started


• Others may become frustrated when the ENFP keeps options open, especially if the other people would rather decide and act

• Since ENFPs generally think out loud, others may think the ENFP is making a conclusion about something when they are simply coming up with an option

• ENFPs may be swayed by personal circumstances and less interested in logically analyzing the situation

Follow this link for more information on the ENFP preference.

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