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Defining Career Success

Defining Career Success

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningMy life has a superb cast but I can’t figure out the plot. ~Ashleigh Brilliant

What makes you different from everyone else? Defining and creating career success requires a solid understanding of who you are and what is important.

We can get trapped sometimes into defining career success in terms of money or prestige. High income, power, or status is not the only way to define success. Only you can determine what career success will look like. Once you know what makes work satisfying, it’s much easier to create a successful career.

Self Assessment

Self-assessment is the starting point. Your values, interests, skills, and personality preferences influence your definition of career success. Constraints, roles, and lifestyle choices are also important considerations. Integrate this self-assessment information by describing who you are and what is important to you. Imagine being in your perfect work environment doing your ideal work. What would you be doing? Where and when would you do it?

Your Definition

Create a few key statements that articulate what you want from your career. Once you can describe your ideal work, start to position yourself to achieve it. Your description of career success will be unique and will incorporate your own values, interests, skills, constraints, and preferences.

Remember to reassess yourself from time to time to ensure your definition is changing to reflect your growth and development.

Determining what is important helps you define your career success, so you can live your life your way.


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