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Communicating With ESTJs

Communicating With ESTJs

By Paul Dunning

Over the years we have accumulated a large amount of data here on our web site about each of the sixteen types.

This series of articles summarizes responses by communication workshop participants previously posted in To Communicate With Me and Communication Highlights.

In each personality type summary we highlight themes and then rank those themes by organizing them from most to least common responses.

The bulleted points are statements on each of the 2 themes identified from ESTJ responses.

A person who prefers ESTJ wants you to:

Be logical and actively involved

• Face to face – rather than teleconferencing

• Provide all your thoughts, good and bad

• (Use) logic vs. feeling

• Let me ask questions

• Be prepared to discuss as I’ll have something to contribute

• (Have a) purpose – path

• Not cut me off when I am trying to explain a process; please let me finish, then ask questions or give your perspective

• Be respectful/polite

• Listen to what I’m saying

Be clear and frank

• Provide details/facts

• Be blunt and to the point

• Be specific

• (Be) timely

• Don’t make assumptions

• (If e-mail), use point form, not long winded paragraphs

What Does This Tell Us?

A person with ESTJ preferences wants to be actively involved in frank, direct, face-to-face conversations that serve a practical purpose.

You can find more information on type interactions in Introduction to Type and Communication.

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