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Communicating With ENFPs

Communicating With ENFPs

By Paul Dunning

Over the years we have accumulated a large amount of data here on our web site about each of the sixteen types.

This series of articles summarizes responses by communication workshop participants previously posted in To Communicate With Me and Communication Highlights.

In each personality type summary we highlight themes and then rank those themes by organizing them from most to least common responses.

The bulleted points are statements on each of the 5 themes identified from ENFP responses.

A person who prefers ENFP wants you to:

Play with ideas

• Allow me to explore ideas

• Not dismiss my ideas – especially if I am not finished!

• Be open to new ideas

• (Recognize that) I need to use my creativity

• Brainstorm

• Be open to other ideas / input

• Connect ideas

• Allow for possibilities

• (Keep an) open mind

• Make it fun

• Use your imagination

Give me concepts then (maybe) details

• Don’t give me just data or lists

• Talk using stories, metaphors

• Make it relatable

• Show me

• Step by step I get lost! 1.2.3. ARGH!!!

• (Recognize that) I don’t read instructions and when I need to I have to carefully read and understand

• (Recognize that) I like to see and hear about connections and trends

• Use theory – trust theory evidence based best practice

• Give examples, not just instructions

• Avoid going into too much detail

• Give me the big picture and let me figure out the details

Get Personal

• Come to me in person / over coffee

• Share personal info

• Include personal reference

• Develop rapport

• Listen for connections and meanings

• Be supportive and focus on collaboration

• Focus on needs and feelings

• Be supportive and understanding

• Acknowledge my feelings

• Acknowledge emotions

Have a conversation

• Chat

• Let me talk lots!

• Discuss vs. being told

• Engage vs. questioning

• Talk! Process out loud

• Show the receiver is listening – eye contact, body language

• Give me space to contribute

Be respectful and supportive

• Please don’t tell me in a not nice way to stop talking. Do it politely or explain why!

• Be respectful of people and their needs / inclusion

• Be appreciative of my contribution

• Be constructive when giving feedback (balanced)

• Let me do it my way

What Does This Tell Us?

A person with ENFP preferences wants to play with ideas, discussing concepts rather than details. They want to have a personal conversation that is respectful and supportive.

You can find more information on type interactions in Introduction to Type and Communication.

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