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Coaching Coaches

Coaching Coaches

By Donna Dunning

Website Inquiry
Do you have any training tips? I am running a workshop with coaches and looking for exercises to help them understand Judging and Perceiving differences.

My Answer

The Basics
Good question.When working with a group of coaches, the first step is to introduce key points between Judging and Perceiving, emphasizing that this preference pair shows how people like to deal with the world around them.
Here is a blog I wrote about J/P differences relevant to communication/coaching:

Connecting Personality Type to Communication: JP Differences

Ideas for Activities
You can use these ideas for exercises to help build insights into the J/P differences in coaching/communication.

Split the coaches into two groups (Js and Ps) to have them start thinking about how these differences might affect their coaching. There are a number of things you can get them to consider.
• Have each group describe the typical strengths and blind spots of their preference. They can flip chart their answers and share them with the other group.
• Have each group list ways they can accommodate the opposite preference (i.e. The P group lists what they can do to accommodate Js when coaching).  This can also be flip charted. When they share their answers, people in the other group can talk about whether the accommodations would work well for them and add additional tips for accommodating the differences.
• You can split the coaches into three groups and assign each group a pair: One group covers when two Ps interact, one group covers when Ps interact with Js, and the third group covers when two Js interact. Have them list what to enjoy and what to watch out for. Again, the groups can share their thoughts with the larger group after the exercise to enhance the learning. As a facilitator, you can add ideas to help them see the differences. Here are some blogs you can use as a reference if you want to try the third exercise.

Communication Between Two People with a Preference for Perceiving
Communication: Judging and Perceiving Preferences
Communication Between Two People with a Preference for Judging

Self-reflection is an underused tool for developing coaching skills.

Take time within the workshop for participants to reflect on the learning. They can write down what they are learning about themselves. Structuring a reflective exercise with 1-3 questions can be helpful. For example, coaches might list their own strengths and/or challenges in this area, or reflect on what they might do to accommodate others.

Hope these ideas are helpful. Feel free to use or modify them in any way that works for your group.

Readers – Please share any other exercises you know that have worked well for you when facilitating groups learning about coaching.

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