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Career/Lifestyle Weekly Highlights Oct. 1, 2010

Career/Lifestyle Weekly Highlights Oct. 1, 2010

By Donna Dunning

At the end of the week, it’s time to reflect. Here are the top items that caught my attention on the net.

I like the way Kristy Braden discusses the questions job seekers may want to ask employers in her 16 Questions to Ask in a Job Interview blog. Not only does asking questions show interest in the work, it also ensures the job is right for you.

The idea that instead of giving feedback we should feed-forward is discussed in Andria Corso’s blog Career Development Feedback? Or Feed-forward?. A great reminder that the purpose of sharing information is to help others improve in the future.

It is important to note how significant our body language is to our communication. 50 Body Language Secrets You Need to Succeed in Life, a blog on, provides a good summary of many important (and simple to change) body language messages to be aware of when interacting.

On a humorous note, it’s time to change jobs when… from the Professional Mastery Blog.

I plan to share highlights from my exploration every Friday. To illustrate this weekly blog, I’ve decided to feature a flower that’s blooming in my city. Victoria is known as the city of gardens and I am grateful to be surrounded by beauty.

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