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Big Head Small Legs

Big Head Small Legs

By Donna Dunning

Donna DunningA workshop participant with ISTP preferences created this “big head small legs” doodle and shared it with me.

The character represents the individual’s annoyance with lengthy processes, especially theoretical and abstract ones, with lots of talk and very little action.

We discussed how this might link to his auxiliary Se (extraverted Sensing) preference. He agreed he could become very impatient when he is not engaged in some interesting, practical task with an immediate application.

Thinking things over is usually associated with a preference for Introversion. However, in this case, the dominant introverted Thinking (Ti) linked with Extraverted Sensing (Se) adds a different flavor to the roles of action and reflection for, at least this one, ISTP.

Any other ISPs find themselves wanting more action and less theoretical contemplation?


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