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Are you Pressure-Prompted? Try a “Work Attack”

Are you Pressure-Prompted? Try a “Work Attack”

By Donna Dunning

Donna Dunning

A steady work pace might seem the most practical way to approach and complete tasks, but you may prefer to use a pressure-prompted style. A pressure-prompted approach is generally associated with a preference for Perceiving, but some who prefer Judging may also share this way of working.

As defined by the MBTI Step II ® instrument, if you are pressure-prompted, you prefer to complete your tasks under a tight deadline. Starting on a task too early or trying to work at a steady pace may stifle your creativity and crush your motivation.

Slow and Steady Doesn’t Always Work

I recently had an interesting conversation with a woman who has ENFP preferences.

She had lots of work to do, and found the work interesting, but was finding it difficult to keep her motivation high. Trying to apply the steady, sequential work style that others declared was productive and efficient, wasn’t working for her.

Instead of working steadily and completing tasks efficiently throughout the day, she found herself procrastinating and becoming distracted. This was frustrating and her workdays were becoming too long. She felt she was wasting time.

Finding Focus

We brainstormed some ideas and came up with a great concept we called a “work attack”. She took her inspiration from a “body attack” – an intense workout she enjoyed at the gym.

She set herself a short, tangible outcome goal and a short timeline to “sprint” to get it done. Then she gave herself a reward; a short walk with the dog, a snack, or a chance to listen to music and dance.

After the break from work she refocused to define and complete another “work attack”.

Short, Sweet, and Productive

These bursts of work provided the focus her brain and body craved to be productive.

She is more energized and inspired working this way as she capitalizes on her natural innovative, last minute work style. She gets more work done and feels the quality of her work has improved.

If you are pressure-prompted, you might want to see if the “work attack” strategy works for you.


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  2. Dived says:

    If I may offer a slight rrfeame on your idea of Leadership based on MBTI or Strengths Finder. These are merely tools for developing understanding of self and others.Leaders need to know who they are and a battery of relevant assessment tools rounds out this foundational self knowledge. Each assessment looks at a different aspect of personality and can provide relevant information.We would not buy a toolkit with only a hammer or expect that hammer to remove a screw.

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